Life After Treatment

Friends and family often take a sigh of relief when you finish treatment, yet this may be when you will need the most support.

In Australia we have access to world class doctors and medical professionals that provide us with every chance of beating cancer. However there is a gap in our health care system when it comes to non-medical support.

The Still I Rise Foundation aims to fill the void once the doctors and nurses have done their job.

Cancer treatment can take a toll on your body resulting in challenges that may include pain, fatigue and muscle weakness. In addition, there is often an emotional toll from living with cancer.

This is where the Still I Rise Foundation can help.

Our services include talking with a counsellor, joining a group exercise program or being introduced to another survivor to share your experience.

Many people also find that battling a critical illness changes their perspective on life. The Livestrong Foundation in the USA completed a survey of cancer survivors and found the top reactions following treatment included:

  • A greater appreciation for life
  • Recognition of what is important in life
  • A renewed sense of spirituality
  • An enhanced ability to cope with problems
  • Being inspired to help others.

All of our services are provided completely free of charge to cancer patients and their families.