Our Counsellors

The Still I Rise Foundation engages counsellors on a contract basis.

All of our counsellors are self-employed and are members of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia.

In addition, Queensland-based Counsellors are also members of the Queensland Counsellor’s Association

Our counsellors

Bree Rhodes

Bree Rhodes

Bree Rhodes of Dreaming Tree Counselling provides counselling services to cancer patients and their families across Brisbane as they navigate the cancer experience.

Since 2008, Bree has been counselling people facing a critical illness, particularly in the areas of substance abuse, and mental health, including therapeutic work with individuals living with HIV/AIDS in various stages of treatment.

Bree has a passion for providing support to those who seek a personal sense of life satisfaction while validating the challenges we may face when we are living with a life-threatening illness. She believes that through compassion, non-judgment and acceptance towards ourselves, we can reduce unnecessary suffering in our lives. Bree models these values in her counselling approach, as it serves as the foundation for her therapeutic work.

We feel very fortunate to be able to offer Bree’s services to those who need it the most.